NEW: Astra Zero – Dark Vintage Oracle Cards

January 14, 2024
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Astra Zero – Dark Vintage Oracle deck ( 18+)

Gay Male Nude Historical Revamped Artwork – 70 Cards – Oracle Deck


This Oracle Card Deck features a mixture of male nude revamps, reimaginings & original work inspired by various historical artwork throughout the ages, adding a somewhat darker and more erotic gay twist, Created by artist Astra Zero.

Aside from the various names / words at the bottom of each card, There are no set instructions for these cards. They were designed for you to pull your own meanings and interpretations by mixing the name with the feeling you get from the artwork.

If you are new to oracle card reading , doing a quick internet search can help you come up with endless ways to use them. You could also mix them with other similar oracle or tarot decks for advanced readings or even come up with your own ways to use them as a game or playing cards.