Astra Zero : Dark Vintage Collection Art Book

October 30, 2023
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Astra Zero : Dark Vintage Collection Art Book
Dive into the seductive world of art with Gay Erotic Art Book, the Dark Vintage Collection. Created by gay Canadian  artist Astra Zero. This collection reimagines historical artworks with a provocative twist, focusing on the muscular male form through a lens that occasionally touches on the macabre and the erotic. 

In this captivating book, you’ll find both direct reinterpretations of classic pieces, replacing sultry women with nude men, and original works that infuse a queer male gothic approach with elements of fantasy and horror.  

Perfect for gay men and art enthusiasts alike, this collection celebrates the allure of the male body in all its sensuality. 

Explore the tantalizing, dark, and sexy side of art as Astra Zero’s work blurs the lines between history and desire, offering a unique and sometimes controversial perspective on timeless classics. 

This large book is designed with the main artworks displayed on the right pages with brief descriptions  on the left, for those who may wish to cut out pages for display. 


Publisher – ASTRA ZERO

Author(s) – Astra Zero | Astra Zero

Published Date – October 25 2023

Paperback ISBN – 9781738137213

Hardcover ISBN – 9781738137220

Dimensions – 29.7 x 29.7 x 0.6 cm

Page Count – 88